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Spot news 1st place - Tracy Glantz, The StateSpot news 2nd place - Paul Zoeller, Charleston Post and CourierSpot news 3rd place - Matt Walsh, The StateGeneral news 1st place - Tim Dominick, The StateGeneral news 2nd place - Sefton Ipock, Anderson Independent MailGeneral news 3rd place - Lauren Petracca, Greenville NewsFeature single 1st place - Gerry Melendez, The StateFeature single 2nd place - Nathan Gray, Anderson Independent MailFeature single 3rd place - Matt Walsh, The StateFeature single HM - Lauren Petracca, Greenville NewsSports action 1st place - Sefton Ipock , Anderson Independent MailSports action 2nd place - Travis Bell, Sideline CarolinaSports action 3rd place - Gerry Melendez, The StateSports action HM - Travis BellThe MastersSouth CarolinaUSC basketball camp

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